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Cruises Around the World 2011

Seven cruise lines offer voyages round the world in 2011 -- Crystal, Cunard, Holland America, P&O, Princess, Regent Seven Seas and Seabourn. Usually a cruise line only has one world cruise annually, but the Cunard Line has two and P&O has three in 2011.

The complete list of 2011 world cruises is below. Take this opportunity to explore the globe on a world cruise.

January 4, 2011: P&O Cruises Asian Grand Voyage on the Artemis is a round-trip from Southampton, England. The 98-night cruise sails to Asia and back.

January 5, 2011: Holland America world cruise on the ms Amsterdam is a round-trip out of Fort Lauderdale. 110-day voyage follows the traditional route.

January 5, 2011: Seabourn world cruise on the Seabourn Sojourn goes from Los Angeles to England. The 111-day grand voyage follows the traditional westward route.

January 9, 2011: P&O Cruises South America and Pacific Grand Voyage on the Aurora is a round-trip from Southampton, England. The 95-night cruise sails around South America and the South Pacific.

January 13, 2011: Cunard Line's Queen Mary 2 world cruise departs New York. The 103-day cruise takes a unique eastward route.

January 17, 2011: Crystal world cruise from Los Angeles to London. A luxury trip that follows a westward route.

January 20, 2011: The Silversea cruise around the world on the Silver Spirit goes from Los Angeles to Southampton, England.

January 21, 2011: Princess world cruise on the Pacific Princess departs from Fort Lauderdale and ends at Rome. The 107-day trip transits the Panama Canal but not the Suez.

May 25, 2011: Princess Cruises world cruise on the Dawn Princess is a round-trip from Sydney. The 104-day trip follows the traditional route.

April 12, 2011: P&O Cruises Grand Alaska Voyage on the Arcadia is a round-trip from Southampton, England. The 72-night cruise goes to Alaska and back.

Another grand cruise option is a cruise to Japan from the USA.

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