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USA to French Polynesia Cruises

There are many cruises from the United States to Polynesia. Some are one-way to Tahiti and others are round-trip. Ports of call include Bora Bora, Fakarava, Raiatea, Moorea and Rangiroa.

US to French Polynesia cruises depart from Honolulu, Los Angeles, Miami and San Diego.


November 16, 2021: 24-day cruise to French Polynesia on Princess Cruises. One-way from Fort Lauderdale (Florida) to Tahiti (French Polynesia). Visit Aruba, the Panama Canal, Guayaquil (Ecuador), Lima (Peru), Easter Island, Pitcairn Island and Moorea (French Polynesia).


January 5, 2022: 18-day cruise to French Polynesia on Regent Seven Seas. One-way from San Francisco (California) to Papeete (Tahiti). Visit Honolulu (Hawaii), Kahului (Hawaii), Hilo (Hawaii), Nuku Hiva, Fakarava and Moorea.

February 27, 2022: 35-day cruise to French Polynesia on Holland America Line. Round-trip from San Diego (California) to Hilo (Hawaii), Honolulu (Hawaii), Lahaina (Hawaii), Kiribati, Bora Bora (French Polynesia), Raiatea (French Polynesia), Tahiti (French Polynesia), Moorea (French Polynesia), Huahine Iti (French Polynesia), Rangiroa (French Polynesia), Tuamotu (French Polynesia) and Nuku Hiva (French Polynesia).


January 6, 2023: 32-day cruise to Tahiti on Seabourn. One-way from Miami (Florida) to Papeete (Tahiti). Visit Key West (Florida), Belize City (Belize), Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama Canal, Fuerte Amador (Panama), Manta (Ecuador), Lima (Peru) and Easter Island.

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