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USA to Japan Cruises

There are few cruises from the United States to Japan. You would think it is a logical destination of a cruise, but ships just are not moving in that direction.

US to Japan cruises depart from California, Alaska, and Florida. See our full list of departures below.


20-day cruise to Japan on Princess Cruises. One-way from Los Angeles (California) to Tokyo (Japan). Visit Vancouver (Canada), Ketchikan (Alaska), Juneau (Alaska), Skagway (Alaska), Icy Strait Point (Alaska), Seward (Alaska) and Muroran (Japan).
• 2020 departure: August 22.

13-day cruise to Japan on Silversea. One-way cruise from Seward (Alaska) to Tokyo (Japan). Visit Kodiak Island (Alaska), Dutch Harbor (Alaska), Petropavlovsk (Russia), Kushiro (Japan) and Hakodate (Japan).
• 2020 departure: September 10.

25-day cruise to Japan on Oceania Cruises. One-way cruise from Los Angeles (California) to Tokyo (Japan). Visit Victoria (Canada), Vancouver (Canada), Seattle (Washington), Ketchikan (Alaska), Seward (Alaska), Kodiak (Alaska), Dutch Harbor (Alaska), Petropavlovsk (Russia), Hokkaido (Japan), Miyako (Japan), Sendai (Japan) and Oarai (Japan).
• 2020 departure: September 30.

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