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USA to Argentina Cruises

These are cruises from the United States to Argentina, but there are not a lot. A cruise to Argentina is the easy way to explore the coast of South America.

US to Argentina cruises depart from Miami, Fort Lauderdale and San Diego.


39-day cruise to Argentina on Oceania Cruises. One-way from Miami (Florida) to Buenos Aires (Argentina). Visit Cayman Islands, Cozumel (Mexico), Harvest Caye (Belize), Santo Tomas (Guatemala), Roatan (Honduras), Puerto Limon (Costa Rica), the Panama Canal, Balboa (Panama), Manta (Ecuador), Guayaquil (Ecuador), Salaverry (Peru), Lima (Peru), Pisco (Peru), Matarani (Peru), Iquique (Chile), Coquimbo (Chile), Valparaiso (Chile), Puerto Montt (Chile), Puerto Chacabuco (Chile), Punta Arenas (Chile), Ushuaia (Argentina), Falkland Islands, Punta Del Este (Uruguay) and Montevideo (Uruguay).
• 2018 departure: February 10.

46-day cruise to Argentina on Seabourn. One-way from Miami (Florida) to Buenos Aires (Argentina). Visit Key West (Florida), Bocas del Toro (Panama), Panama Canal, Fuerte Amador (Panama), Manta (Ecuador), Isla de La Plata (Ecuador), Salaverry (Peru), Islas Guanape (Peru), Callao (Peru), Pisco (Peru), Matarani (Peru), Antofagasta (Chile), Coquimbo (Chile), Santiago (Chile), Puerto Montt (Chile), Castro (Chile), Punta Arenas (Chile), Ushuaia (Argentina), Antarctica, Stanley (Falkland Islands) and Montevideo (Uruguay).
• 2018 departure: November 4.

30-day cruise to Argentina on Princess Cruises. One-way from Los Angeles (California) to Buenos Aires (Argentina). Visit Cabo San Lucas (Mexico), Puntarenas (Costa Rica), Lima (Peru), Pisco (Peru), La Serena (Chile), Santiago (Chile), Puerto Montt (Chile), Punta Arenas (Chile), Tierra del Fuego (Argentina), Cape Horn, Stanley (Falkland Islands), Puerto Madryn (Argentina) and Montevideo (Uruguay).
• 2018 departure: December 4.


19-day cruise to Argentina on Princess Cruises. One-way from Fort Lauderdale (Florida) to Buenos Aires (Argentina). Visit St. Thomas, Antigua, Barbados, Trinidad, Fortaleza (Brazil), Salvador (Brazil), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Montevideo (Uruguay).
• 2019 departure: February 2.

Have fun. Explore the world. Take a cruise to Argentina out of the US.

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