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World's Best Cruise Destinations

What are the best cruise destinations? The answer is purely subjective, of course. The best cruise is the one that goes where you want to go. There are some obvious contenders though -- places that feed dreams and appear on bucket lists. Here are our favorites.

Let's start with cruises to Hawaii. Famed remote tropical islands with enviable weather, stunning scenery, hula, and luaus. And you can learn to surf. What's not to like? Most Hawaiian cruises visit 4 islands (Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii), and that variety is an advantage over staying at a resort hotel.

Turn your attention to another island; this one in the Atlantic. Cruises to Bermuda are long-time favorites from cities like Boston, New York and Baltimore. The islands are a short cruise from those east coast ports. Bermuda is known for pink sand, golf, colorful architecture, and shorts. It's relatively sophisticated in a British sort of way.

Australia cruises are a much more exotic choice. A vacation "down under" is on many peoples' bucket lists, but the long flight there is a sticking point. There are a few cruises from America or England that go all the way to Australia, but most folks fly and board a ship in Sydney. The cruises go to New Zealand, Tasmania, or around Australia.

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