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Crystal Cruise Line

Each year the goal of the Crystal World Cruise is to create the luxury cruise experience of a lifetime. They craft itineraries that blend the wonders of the world, sophisticated cities, romantic and unexpected ports, breathtaking scenery and a fascinating mix of cultures, both modern and ancient. Join a Crystal Cruises World Cruise in 2018 or 2019 for your own experience of a lifetime.

There's more to a World Cruise than special destinations, great service and fine dining. World Cruise guest lecturers and celebrities include entertainers, journalists and authors. Meet and hear noted experts on art and culture, and historians who will share their insights and anecdotes about the cruise's destinations. It's just another part of the wonderful experience that is a Crystal World Cruise.

Crystal Cruise
Crystal Cruise

100-day Crystal Cruises

97-day cruise on Crystal Serenity. One-way from Los Angeles (California) to Monte Carlo (Monaco). Visit Honolulu (Hawaii), Maui (Hawaii), Fanning Island (Kiribati), Samoa, Fiji, Waitangi (New Zealand), Auckland (New Zealand), Sydney (Australia), Hobart (Australia), Kangaroo Island (Australia), Adelaide (Australia), Albany (Australia), Busselton (Australia), Fremantle (Australia), Mauritius, Reunion Island, Madagascar, Mozambique, Richards Bay (South Africa), Durban (South Africa), Port Elizabeth (South Africa), Johannesburg (South Africa), Luderitz (Namibia), Walvis Bay (Namibia), St Helena, Ascension Island, Dakar (Senegal), Porto Novo (Cape Verde Islands), Santa Cruz de La Palma (Canary Islands), Malaga (Spain) and Barcelona (Spain).
• 2019 departure: January 13.

Crystal World Cruise
Crystal Cruise

Crystal Cruises to Brazil

November 8, 2018: 24-day Cruise to Brazil from Florida on Crystal Symphony. Round-trip from Miami to Bimini (Bahamas), St Barts, Guadeloupe, St Vincent, French Guiana, Macapa (Brazil), Santarem (Brazil), Parintins (Brazil), Manaus (Brazil), Boca de Valeria (Brazil), Tobago, and Puerto Rico.

January 5, 2019: 19-day Cruise to Brazil from Louisiana on Crystal Symphony. One-way from New Orleans to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Visit Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands), Curacao, Grenada, Devil's Island (French Guiana), Recife (Brazil) and Salvador (Brazil).

Crystal Cruises to New Zealand

January 14, 2019: 22-day cruise to New Zealand on Crystal Serenity. One-way from Los Angeles (California) to Auckland (New Zealand). Visit Honolulu (Hawaii), Maui (Hawaii), Fanning Island (Kiribati), Pago Pago (Samoa), Lautoka (Fiji) and Waitangi (New Zealand).

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