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Christmas Cruises to Brazil

There are a few cruises to Brazil for Christmas. Make an epic holiday voyage to Rio de Janeiro. See our calendar of departures below.

The Christmas cruises to Brazil leave from San Diego and Los Angeles.

A cruise is a unique and easy way to celebrate Christmas. It is so simple to book and everything is taken care of for you. Ships are decorated for the holidays and there are special menus and activities too.

Christmas Cruises to Brazil 2017

31-day Christmas cruise to Brazil on Princess Cruises. One-way from Los Angeles (California) to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Visit Manzanillo (Mexico), San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua), Puntarenas (Costa Rica), Lima (Peru), Pisco (Peru), La Serena (Chile), Valparaiso (Chile), Punta Arenas (Chile), Tierra del Fuego (Argentina), Cape Horn, Stanley (Falkland Islands), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Montevideo (Uruguay).
• 2017 departure: December 3.

35-day cruise to Brazil on Oceania Cruises. One-way from San Diego (California) to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Visit Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), Manzanillo (Mexico), Acapulco (Mexico), Puerto Quetzal (Guatemala), Corinto (Nicaragua), Puntarenas (Costa Rica), the Panama Canal, Curacao, Grenada, Tobago, French Guiana, the Amazon River, Santarem (Brazil), Parintins (Brazil), Manaus (Brazil), Boca Da Valeria (Brazil), Alter Do Chao (Brazil), the Amazon River, Fortaleza (Brazil), Recife (Brazil) and Salvador (Brazil).
• 2017 departure: December 16.

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